I Have Peace

The other morning I was praying that God would give me and my best friend peace. She was going through something and she was very stressed out and anxious. I was stressed because I can't be there for her. So I was asking God to give us peace. God responded. Let me pause for a …

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How to be Pure

When David is confronted about sleeping with Bathsheba he cries out to God in Psalm 51:10 asking God to create a clean, or pure heart in him. Psalm 119:9&11 asks how someone can stay pure. The way you can remain, or become pure is by setting your mind on things of God (Col 3:2) and …

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Look for the Smile Among the Frowns

  Look for the smile among the frowns Look for the sun behind the clouds Look for the flowers among the weeds Listen for the whisper among the shouting Listen for the song among the wailing Listen for the laughter among the weeping Touch what is real among the fake Touch what is among what …

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