Look for the Smile Among the Frowns

  Look for the smile among the frowns Look for the sun behind the clouds Look for the flowers among the weeds Listen for the whisper among the shouting Listen for the song among the wailing Listen for the laughter among the weeping Touch what is real among the fake Touch what is among what …

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Why Jesus Came

We celebrate Christmas, not because of all the amazing food, decorations, or presents, but because of the birth of Jesus Christ. Born of a virgin in a manger. The newborn king surrounded by livestock and shepherds instead of things fit for a king. This baby boy who was the Son of God came to dwell …

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Where’s Your Focus?

  If you ask any atheist how they became one, they would probably say something like, “When I began thinking for myself” or “Thinking of myself.”  That can not be any more true. If you want to live a godless life, think for yourself, and of yourself. Romans 8:5-9 says, “For those who live according …

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