Wandering so aimlessly Wondering so dazedly Wailing continually Watching unceasingly Where are you going? What are you thinking? Why are you crying? What are you looking for? Did you find it? No matter how far you wander How much you wonder, How much you wail, And how long you watch, You'll never …

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Change Your Mind

  We have all prayed similar prayers like this, "Oh God, change my heart, change my life. Help me to stop doing (insert here). I don't want to do this anymore. I need to be changed." There's nothing wrong with these prayers IF you put them to action. There's nothing wrong with them IF you …

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Look for the Smile Among the Frowns

  Look for the smile among the frowns Look for the sun behind the clouds Look for the flowers among the weeds Listen for the whisper among the shouting Listen for the song among the wailing Listen for the laughter among the weeping Touch what is real among the fake Touch what is among what …

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