The American church




78% of Americans call them Christians. But how many are actual Christians? But before we begin let’s first discuss what a Christian is. A Christian is someone who loves. That’s what’s Christianity is all about. If we want to be more like Jesus then we need to love everybody. That’s what Jesus did! He didn’t say one hateful word while he was on this Earth! But yet most of the American “Christians” don’t love their enemies. They say so many hateful things about atheists and Muslims on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Myspace and any other social media sights.

These Christians are Hippocrates. They say they are Christians but they don’t love. How does that work? I believe that the main reason that America is falling is because the church is not what it was. We don’t love each other. We say things like “go to Hell,” and “go kill yourself.” We hate Muslims and yet we say we are Christians? We are supposed to be God fearing, loving people. But we are not. Now I am not saying all Christians are like that but a lot of them are. When the day comes and we go home there will be a lot of surprised people that day when they don’t go to heaven. We need to repent and seek God’s mercy.

We need to go back to the roots of Christianity and start over. We need to begin to love people who are our enemies. We, my self included, need to seek God’s forgiveness and learn how to love again.


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