What if?

What if the world’s going to end right here, right now? Where would you go? Would you go to Paradise, or would you go to Hell? What about your best friend? Would he go to Heaven or would he go to Hell? All these questions are both good and bad.

I find myself thinking “What if the world ended today would I be to far gone and not go to Heaven because of all the sins I committed?” That is not a good question. It’s not a good thought because I have seeked forgiveness and salvation from the Lord. I am His son and I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.

This thought comes because of doubt. Satan uses doubt as a weapon of mass destruction. He tries to trick you, fool you, twist you and a lot more things. He can use doubt as a tool for that. He plays with your mind and uses it for his purpose. When that happens, we need to drop on our knees and cry out to God. Just cry out to God is what it takes.

But sometimes asking what if is a good thing to do. What if your friend doesn’t know Jesus? He needs to know! That’s when you ask what if. He could drop dead and never hear the Word of God. There would have been no hope for him if no one ever told him about God’s love. So what if your friend died today? Did he know God? If he didn’t what will you do about it? Are you going to tell him? Or are you going to wait for tomorrow? Don’t wait! Tomorrow could be to late. Tomorrow may never come. What if? Right now there are more than 7 billion people on this Earth, and only about 33% of them are Christians! That’s a problem. We as the American Church of Christ need to get out of our comfort zones, stop slacking off and fix it. What if the world would end? How many hopeless people would go to Hell? It’s not a happy thought, but it’s a thought that must be fresh in our minds. 67% of the world are not Christians. That’s 67% of the population that don’t know God. If the world would end right now about 10,886,997,537 people would go to Hell.

So what are you going to do about it? Are you going to do your best to give people a hope? Are you going to step up and be some one’s hero?

What if?


4 thoughts on “What if?

  1. well you are right about your point in reaching out other people for Christ and as a Christian we must, but to change the belief of the unbelievers is up to God as well as cults, now a days the number of people who doubted God is increasing and as a Christian we do not have all the answers right, we may be well educated about the bible but we can’t answer all the questions in life, so it’s all up to God now and I believe that the those who will be saved are the only people chosen by God to enter the kingdom of heaven. anyway thanks for the reminder and encouragement God bless.

    1. I totally agree. All we can do is love people and share the gospel in hopes that God will do something miraculous in their lives. I agree with you that the people who have been and are going to be saved are the only ones who will enter the Kingdom of God. God bless.

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