Freedom Isn’t Free.




I am not talking about freedom as in what Americans think. I am talking about a freedom that we don’t deserve. This freedom is the freedom from bondage and chains. Freedom from the curse of death. We are free.

We are free because of a sacrifice someone made 2,000 years ago. Yes that someone is Jesus Christ. You see, we are free because he loved us. We are free because he couldn’t stand us not being with him. He wanted us. He loves us enough to make the supreme sacrifice.

We don’t deserve being free. But, that’s the beauty of it. We don’t deserve it. God gave his life so that we may be free. That is the greatest act of forgiveness and love ever. We didn’t gain our freedom by ourselves. It was not free at all. The devil needed a ransom. So God gave him a ransom. That’s what got us our freedom. We were rescued.

The President of the Universe sent His Delta Force, the Seal Team Six, to rescue us. It was costly, it was bloody, and it was brutal. But you see. Everyone was free. Jesus lives. Now we are saved. Just remember, our freedom is not for free.


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