Just Pebbles


So, on the way to church the other night, I looked at my mom. I told her, “Even though we are going through something difficult and hard, it’s just a little pebble. Jesus is blocking all the boulders and rocks Satan is throwing at us. Jesus is letting the pebbles get past. We will get through this.”

Pretty powerful right? To tell you the truth, I am just now realizing how profound that is. Jesus is standing in front of us with his arms spread wide and blocking the boulders. He is getting hit by the boulders for us.

Now I understand a little more why he let them beat him and kill him. He loved us. He did is for us. He would do anything for us. We follow him and he never leads us astray. He protects us.

Like a good shepherd he does not let the wolves attack, kill and devour us. Boulder after boulder he stands. Through the pain he stands. He stands there and says, Come on, you got this. It’s only a pebble.” We do not and cannot comprehend what he’s protecting us from.

He loves us so much that he is willing us to get bruises and beaten so that we are safe and not harmed. The pebble is just something that Jesus believes we can handle.

It’s small compared to what Jesus is blocking. I can’t help but think about John 15:13. “Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends.”

As you finish reading this, just remember, whatever you might be going through, no matter how big and tough it is, it’s just a little pebble.


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