The Looking Glass





When you look in the mirror every morning, who do you see? Do you see a girl who is beautiful or a guy who is handsome? Or someone who is talented? Probably not. Trust me I know. I know who we see. We see all our failures, all our flaws. We see every little thing that we did wrong. It could have been a bad grade, or a game you lost. I get it. I’ve been there.

But what if we  would see ourselves the way God sees us? He doesn’t see us as a failure. He doesn’t look at our flaws. What He looks at is our heart. He sees you as beautiful. He sees you as handsome. He loves you for who you are. He doesn’t care that you lost your game. It happened. He looks past it. He sees you for who you really are.

God doesn’t tell you that you are ugly, He doesn’t tell you are a failure. It’s Satan who tells you that. He lies to you, he deceives. But God says don’t listen to him, he is lying to you. God wants you to know that you are amazing. When He created you He saw that you were good. We are His masterpiece.

We got to get out of our little slump. We have to stop beating ourselves up. We need to hold our heads up high. Let’s start seeing ourselves the way God sees us. We say that the world needs to change, and it does, but the world won’t change if we stay looking at ourselves the way we do. Change starts with us. Once we change our perspective, the world will be able to change.


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