When we were little kids we were all afraid of the dark. Everyone was, even those who say they aren’t afraid of anything. Our parents would tell us that there’s nothing to be scared of that and that we are safe. And that made us feel better, right? We were scared out of our minds. We would hide under our sheets so the Boogie Man couldn’t get us. But when our mom or dad came running into our rooms to hug and comfort us, we knew we were safe. They would say something like “I’m here, nothing will hurt you” or “there’s nothing to be scared of.”

Why then were we so scared of the dark. The reason why is because the darkness is just plain scary. You can’t see anything, and you stumble all around. Your minds play tricks on you and you think you see things that aren’t there. You see that’s just like in the real world. There is darkness and in that darkness there is evil things and evil spirits (Let’s face it, evil spirits are real.) Sometimes we find our selves in a dark spot and we can’t see anything. The things you see are sometimes tricks that your mind is playing on you or things that are not good for you that look good.

So you stumble over stuff that you can’t see and you get tricked every where you go. As you go through the darkness, you get more scared as you go. You can’t see where you came from and you can’t see where you are going. So you cry out to Jesus and he comes to you. He says “Do not be afraid for I am with you and I won’t leave you. There is nothing to be afraid of.” So all of a sudden, all your fear, all your worries and all your confusion is wiped away and you are at peace. You realize that you are safe and Jesus will lead you out of the darkness. So he leads you out of the darkness and into the light.


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