NC Youth Convention 2014


So I was at a youth convention this weekend and Pat Schatzline who is a well known speaker was there. He was amazing. The first night he spoke about why people think God’s mad at them. One of the reasons why they think that is because they might not have had a dad growing up. So Pat asked for the youth that was raised without a dad to raise their hands.

The amount of hands that went up were insane. I mean they grew up in a Christian home but yet, there’s no dad. It was heart breaking. But then he told us to do something even more crazy. He told us to say “God if you are real show me my darkest memory. God show me that you were there with me,” and we closed our eyes.

And bam God moved. Let me tell you what He showed me. A year ago my family had a family meeting, and when ever you have a family meeting it’s usually a not so good thing. But this was different, it was worse. My mom and dad told me and my little brother that they were getting divorced. I couldn’t believe it. I cried and I was mad. God showed me this memory twice. The first time he showed me what it physically looked like, which was me and my brother crying on a couch.

The second time He showed me it, there was another person in the room. That person was God. I’m sure that God was comforting my brother too but He just showed me that He was sitting right beside me and hugging me. When He showed me that memory it was like I just got backhanded. I yelled at God I was mad at Him. I asked Him why He destroyed me family. It felt like He was playing some sort of cruel joke. But then I realized that it also hurt God. He felt my pain. He was there with me and He’s still with me.

Then Pat called an alter call. Every one went up. Every single person in the room was praying. I can guarantee you that there was no dry eye in the convention centered. I was shaking and that never happened before. It was very humbling.

The second and last day was also awesome. Our district youth director Douglas Witherup spoke and he was amazing. he talked about how my generation will be planet shakers. He said that the lion of Judah will roar and He will use us to change America.

Then Pat came back and talked some more about being a remnant. A remnant is a remaining piece of cloth. It’s someone who will remain to the very end. He said that there are “Samuel’s in the room” which means there are people who will do something amazing. So once again he asked us to ask God to do something except this time it was for Him to speak our names.

It was insane. I literally heard him speak. First he showed me a vision and then he spoke to me. He whispered to me. He said my name!!!!!  I came back from the convention changed. I am on fire for God and am a remnant for God.


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