Forest Fires



Forest fires are good. They clear out all the weeds, junk, dead material from the ground. That way the trees are able to flourish and live. Saplings are also able to grow after a fire because there’s space for them. There are invasive species of plants that choke the plants and steel the sunlight and water from the trees and saplings. But when there’s a fire, they are wiped out. Sure some of the saplings are killed but more will come. More will grow and that forest will be alive.

You might be thinking “What does this have to do with anything?” I’m going to tell you. The reason is that we go through fires a lot. Some times God sets our lives on fire. It’s true and you know it. It hurts, and you think it will kill you. But it won’t, it will do the exact opposite. The fire will burn all the junk, the bondage, the invasive crap in you life. Then you will live. Then you will flourish.

There might not be a fire going on right now in your life. There might be some invasive stuff in your life that you feel is killing you. You might think that you won’t get through it. Trust me I know. I had some stuff like that. But let me tell you, your fire is coming. When it comes, you will live! When it comes it will transform you. It will be uncontrollable. The junk will be wiped out and new life will begin. But the fire won’t die down. It won’t. It will become a wildfire. It will spread to your families, to your youth group, to your church. It won’t stop spreading. And the people affected by the fire will be made new.

The fire is coming. When it comes it will sweep the nation. We will see a great revival break through out the nation. Then it will sweep the world and a revival will break through out the world. It will be great. Oh, it will be great. When that day comes, it will burn the very foundations of the world. And out of it, the will be a shout of praise!!!! We will see the sick be healed, the dead be raised, the mute  speak, the blind see, the lame walk, the weak be made strong, chains broken. We will see it all. Get ready. When it comes, it will blow you out of your seat. Don’t try to stop it, you won’t be able to.


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