Fan or Follower?

Are you a fan? Or are you a follower? A fan is someone who goes to church each week, has a fish sticker on their car, and wears religious clothing. A fan is someone who will root Jesus on as long as he’s winning. As long as everything is going smooth, you root for him. But as soon as it seems like he’s loosing, as soon as things go south, you decide not to root for him. See, a fan knows of Jesus. They know of the miracles Jesus did. They know of him dying and rising three days later. But they don’t know him.

But a follower is different. Followers don’t only root for Jesus, they are on the field with him. They are right along side him. They don’t only root for him in the good times, they also root for him in the bad times. A follower knows Jesus has a plan. A follower believes in Jesus. A follower knows Jesus. They have a relationship with Jesus. They know him. They know he died for them. They know what he did for them so they follow him. They love him for who he is and for what he’s done for them.

The answer to the first question is yes. Everybody is a fan of Jesus. Everybody knows of him. But not everybody is a follower. So, I urge you to to do some “soul searching” and see if you are a follower. If you find that you are just a fan, please make the commitment with Jesus. Begin a relationship with him and follow him. It’s not to late.


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