The Reason for Mankind

The other day, a friend of mine asked me why God created humans and I told him that God wanted us. My friend, who I will call Kevin, just looked at me. He was like, “seriously dude what does that mean.” So let me explain. The reason, and one of the only reasons for mankind is that God wanted to have a relationship with us. He wanted someone to pour out his love on. That is why he was saddened by the fact that Adam and Eve sinned against him. He knew that he will never have a personal relationship with humans again, without paying the ultimate price. But even though he didn’t have a personal relationship with us he still watched over us. And when the time came to send his son he did it willingly. He knew he had to do it so that he can have a personal relationship with us.

But why go through all that trouble? It was necessary. It was not time yet for the sacrifice. The only reason why we are still on this planet and not in Heaven is because he is waiting for people to accept his invitation to get to know him. He is waiting for a few more people to begin a relationship with him. To him, it’s worth the wait. To us, it’s worth the wait. The reason for everything is the relationship. The relationship with God is what matters, and it’s always been that way, even in the beginning of time.


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