Sleepless Nights

Do you think that Jesus might have had sleepless nights when he was here? Nights of worry and dread for what was to come? I mean the Bible says that he was fully human and fully God. The Bible does say that he asked God if there was any other way he could accomplish what he came here for (which was to pay the price for our sins and set us free.) Have you ever thought about that?

If he was truly fully human he must have has sleepless nights. If he is fully God he must know what it’s like to have sleepless nights. He had a lot on his plate. He had to teach his disciples, he did many signs and wonders, he was persecuted for saying he was the Son of God and God himself although he was, and above all else he knew that one day he would have to die a sinners death, That’s a lot to cope with. It only makes sense that he had at least a few sleepless nights.

I mean I had a few sleepless nights in my short life time but I haven’t dealt with anything as stressful and serious as Jesus did. If Jesus did have sleepless nights, that gives me hope and it should give you hope as well. It gives me hope because I know that Jesus KNOWS what it’s like. It means he can comfort me and let me know that he knows how I feel. It also shows that Jesus went through stressful times as well. Even though he was (and is) perfect, it lets me know that Jesus dealt with stress as well.


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