I’ll Go, Send Me!”

This weekend (Nov. 13-14) I went to a Youth Convention. Elevation Worship lead worship- if you haven’t heard them before you need to look them up right now- and Chad Veach spoke Friday night and Saturday Afternoon. Saturday morning the DYD, which is the District Youth Director of the Assemblies of God, spoke. His name is Douglas Witherup. Pastor Doug is an amazing guy. He’s a great leader and he takes time for the youth.

Well anyways, he spoke about Isaiah 6:8, which says “And then I heard the voice of the Master: “Whom shall I send? Who will go for us?” I spoke up, “I’ll go send me!”” I’ll go, send me. Let me repeat that one more time. I’ll go, send me! Isaiah heard God asking “Who will represent me? Who will speak for me?” and Isaiah said, “Me, Let me do it.”

And God looked at him. In later verses he pretty much said, “Isaiah, let me tell you something. I wish this isn’t what will happen, I hope I’m wrong, but you will be hated. You will be rejected. The very people that you love will turn their backs on you. They won’t listen, but you still will press on. You will be alone out there, but you will continue.”

Pastor Doug asked us three questions. The first is, ‘Are you willing to be used by God?” In other words, are you willing to get dirty, are you willing to go to places that no one else will go? Are you willing to be His hands and feet?

The second question, which is the hardest question is, “Are you willing to be rejected?” If you are used by God you will be rejected. Are you ok with that? Are you willing to say yes to the cross, and no to the world?

The third question is, “Are you willing to say, ‘Here am I, send me?” Are you willing to answer the call? Are you willing to stand up when everyone else sits down?

And during the service, I had this ache in my spirit. It began during worship. And as Doug spoke, it just got more prominent. And then I heard God say to me, “Stop being afraid to speak about me! Use your voice. Stop being quite. You will lose friends, people won’t look at you the same. But Will you listen? You told me you would go, now I’m telling you to go!” And I told him yes. Yes I will go. Yes I will listen.

Finally, God showed me this image. And this image has been in my mind ever since March, after Fine Arts. It just kept popping up. And yesterday morning it just got super clear. The image was of me speaking in front of thousands. The stage looked like the stage at Youth Convention and I realized, that I don’t want to stay at one church. I want to go and speak all over the place. I want to speak at youth conventions and stuff like that.

In closing, let me just repeat Isaiah 6:8, “And then I heard the voice of the Master: “Whom shall I send? Who will go for us? I spoke up, “I’LL GO SEND ME!” I answered the call, will you?


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