Truth = Healing


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Healing is a process. It takes time to become fully healed, and more often than not, it’s painful. Most of the time you have to face the truth and the truth hurts. But the only way to be healed is to face it.

When you face the truth, you find things that are “unsettling.” Things you don’t want to face. Things that you might have pushed further and further into hiding. And when you face them you feel helpless and broken. Trust me I know. But this is when healing begins.

Healing begins when you face the things that you would rather hide and you feel broken. Truth floods the cracks in your broken heart. No matter how small those cracks might be, truth still floods in.

And God says, “Don’t worry, I’m here. I got you. I know it hurts, I know how you feel.” You might barely hear his voice, but it’s the voice that’s been there since the Garden of Eden. It’s the first voice, maybe not the first voice you hear, but the first voice there ever was.

When you hear God’s voice you have two options. You could either listen to his voice and begin to be healed, or dismiss his voice and listen to one of many voices the enemy throws at you. You know what I’m talking about, “You’re worthless. It’s all your fault. You’re a failure.”

But if you listen to God’s voice, you will be healed. Not over night, but over time. The truth that I wrote about earlier will begin to repair your heart. It will start “scabbing over” your wound. And eventually your wounds will become scars. Those scars will tell a story and you will be able to say, “Look at what God has done! This happened to me, but now I’m healed! God saved me! He made me new!”

And oh, what a blessing it will be. God will heal you, and change you. He will make you a new creation, better than ever before. God will use your story to touch someone else.

Healing is messy. It’s a continuous battle. A battle, which sometimes you have to fight alone. Not all the time, but sometimes. There is a lot of ups and downs. Sometimes it feels like you take two steps forward and three steps back. But there’s always a sunrise. Night doesn’t last forever. When the sun rises, the SON reigns. I’m not saying the Son doesn’t rain in the night, but when it’s dawn, he shines ever brighter.

When you are healed, the Son will be present. He will be impossible to miss in your life. I can’t help but remember a verse from “Give me Faith” by Elevation Worship. “I may be weak but Your Spirit’s strong in me. My flesh may fail, but my God, You never will.”

When you are at your weakest point, God is at his strongest. When you’re flesh fails, He will succeed. This is when you are healed. When you can say, “I am weak, I may fail, But God is strong, God does not fail! I am NOTHING with out Him. He healed me! He made me whole.”

I pray that whatever you are struggling with, no matter what it is, you are healed. Confront your problem with truth. If it is your father, confront him. If it is any other person confront them. They will give you truth. And it will hurt everyone involved, but your relationship will begin to heal.

Same thing with addictions. Truth will set you free. Truth will heal you.

Thank you.



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