The Void

“As the days went by, the evolution of like into love was accelerated. White Fang himself began to grow aware of it, though in his consciousness he knew not what love was. It manifested itself to him as a void in his being- a hungry, aching, yearning void that clamored to be filled. It was a pain and an unrest; and it received easement only by the touch of the new god’s presence. At such times love was a joy to him, a wild, keen-thrilling satisfaction. But when away from his god, the pain and the unrest returned; the void in him sprang up and pressed against him with its emptiness, and the hunger gnawed and gnawed unceasingly.”
– excerpt from White Fang by Jack London

I recently finished White Fang. It was a great book that was very captivating. If you haven’t read the book you should. It’s about a wolf, that was “3/4 wolf and 1/4 dog.” Him and his mother was captured by people when he was just a puppy. Through out the book he was beaten, got separated from his mom and fought to the death several times, killing his opponents.

He had a total of three masters by the end of the book. And the last master was the most humane one of them all. He treated White Fang with love and kindness, the way dogs should be treated. White Fang knew him as the “Love-god.” Because of this man, White Fang was able to go back to his puppy hood and learn how to love and moved from hate, to liking and finally to loving.

White Fang became a completely different wolf. While he was owned by the second master, he became known as the “Fighting Wolf.” But by the end of the book, he became known as the “Blessed Wolf.” And I believe there’s something we could learn from this.

The lesson we can learn is that no matter how far gone you are and how terrible people think you are, you are not too far gone for love. Love will change you. Not superficial love, and not the “love” we know today. But true love, genuine love, God. God is love. And love is God.

When we enter into a relationship with God and allow him to be our master and Lord, we begin to change. We move from hating to liking and finally loving, just like with White Fang. When we grow in love and learn what love truly is, we become consumed by it. Like the quote says, it becomes a “hungry, aching, yearning void that clamored to be filled.” And it only is quenched in the presence of God, by the touch of God.

We become dependent on God and we have a void in our heart and soul that is only filled by God. Because of this void, we become hungry for more of God, we NEED more of God. And that’s perfectly ok. How much better is it that we have a void that is only quenched by God than having a void that is unquenchable by anything?

I think that the void thing can be taken even further. What if we have a void even before we choose God? It would make sense. People try to fill that missing piece in their soul with alcohol, drugs, sex, you name it. But yet it’s unquenchable, or at least it seems that way. And that’s why people return back to those things, because it leaves them more hungry than when they started.

But when we DO choose God, the void slowly begins to be quenched. And we become more hungry for God than before. His love and his glory and righteousness are ALL consuming fires that is unstoppable. And we want more of it.

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