The Drive

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I drove down a road that had warning signs all around it. Signs that warned about danger. But it looked fine. And I, like many others before me and after me, did not think anything of the warnings.

At first it was nice. The road was well paved. There were no holes or bumps, it was smooth. It was an easy drive. A pleasant drive. There was nothing bothersome and no end in sight. I enjoyed it.

As I drove further down the road, I began noticing more and more signs warning of some horror that was down the road, “Turn back Now!” they read. I kept driving, but there was something in me that began to get nervous. I slowly began to realize the carcasses of cars littered all around. And I realized, I was driving to my death.

The road became bumpy. It became windy. Left, then right, then left again. The road became narrow. There was barely enough room for my car. But I still continued on. Night was approaching. The shadows grew longer, and it grew darker. It was darker than dark. It was as if my headlights weren’t even on.

I began to feel hopeless. I realized I made a mistake. I should never have gone on that little joyride. I should have headed the warnings. But now it was too late. I made the wrong turn, and now… now I will die. On this dark, narrow road, I will come to an end.

I finally stopped driving. I put the car in park. I was hopeless. I knew I was going to die here all alone. I gave up. But then I saw a light coming towards me. It was odd, because there was light, but yet my lights didn’t seem to work. The light came closer and closer. As it came to me I realized that it was another car. I began honking my horn, trying to get the driver’s attention. I screamed and revved my engine. I did everything I could do to make it stop.

And it did. The new car came to a stop right beside my window. The driver rolled his window down and said, “I drive down this road every day looking for people like you. I saw you before you honked. I was going to stop for you. Now if you would like, I’ll give you a ride.”

I got out of my vehicle and got into his. And he drove away. I began asking him questions. “All these cars along the road, did you save those people as well?”

“No, not all of them. I gave them the choice to get in my car, just as I did with you, but some of them refused,” the man replied.

“So you left them there?” I asked.

“I won’t force anyone to come with me if they don’t want to. Some people didn’t realize they needed a savior. Unlike you, and a few others.”

As we continue on our way, it becomes lighter and lighter. And soon, we get on the road that I turned off of, such a long time ago.

“So where are we going?” I asked the man.

“Home,” he replied.

“But, my house is that way.” I said, pointing in the other direction.

“Yes, I know. But that’s not your home. You chose to come with me, so now you get to live in a new home. You have a new family. You get to stay with me.” he replied.

We drove for a while. While we drove we talked. We talked about my life, my dreams, and my past and my future. He told me about himself, and about his father. He told me about why he drives down that terrible road. He says it’s because he loves us. He told me that his father and himself put up those signs to ward off as many as possible, but they knew that some, like myself, would not heed the warnings.

That is why he goes down that road. As we get closer to our destination the man began to grow excited. He began to smile.

“This is my favorite part.” He said. “This is when you meet my father.”

As we pull into the driveway, I saw a man like no other standing on the front porch. The driver looked at me, smiling. With tears in his eyes, he said, “Welcome to my family. You are my brother forever more. That man right there, he’s our father.” I realized that he was who I longed for. The man that saved me, he was the Son of God. He was Jesus.

He got out of the car and ran to his father and hugged him. They both laughed and cried. And then my savior pointed at me. His father looked at me and smiled. He motioned me to come to him. I got out of the car and a slowly walked to him. He embraced me as if I was his son all along.

“Welcome home, my dear son.” He said.

We had a party that night. We celebrated my new found life. We celebrated each other. The next morning, I saw Jesus heading outside. I ran over to him and asked him where he’s going.

“I’m going back to that road. I have to save more people.” He answered.

“Can’t you stay just a little longer?” I pleaded.

“No. No I can’t. If I stay any longer people will die without having the choice to be saved.” He replied.

He got in his car, and drove off. He came back a few days later with a couple new people and we celebrated. He continued to leave and bring people home.


Jesus is looking for you. He wants to save your life. If you have gone down the wrong road and you seem to be stuck and about to die, just hold on a little longer and cry out to Jesus. He will come and save you. There is room in the family for you.


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